Willy Flarkies and The Journey to Downside World

No. ISBN: 9786025751327

Willy Flarkies and The Journey to Downside World

oleh Satrio Wibowo


Willy Flarkies, a boy from a small town named Plantsville, one day discovered a magic mirror which turned out to be a magic device that took him to an alternate world The Downside World. This world had futuristic technologies but full of myths, where Willy became a transfer student on a school called The Dalliance. There he became friends with people he already knew in the real world but with opposite personalities of his original friends. Soon Willy found himself in a tournament called “The Big Street Game” where he had to compete in a combination of sports, adventure, fighting monsters and ultimately fighting against every team leader in the United States of The Dalliance. Through many obstacles and misadventures, Willy ended up having to fight for his friends, his country, humanity and his own life. Will he survive all those danger, tragedies, and adventures?

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